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*** PROMO: GALVANIS WELDED WIREMESH 4 mmx50x50 mmxRol 1,8x30 m = Rp 4.050.000/rol; Razor Wire BTO-22 450M = Rp 215.000/rol; Galvanis Steel Grating 1"x1/8"x0,9x6 m = Rp 3.250.000/lembar ***
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Galvanized Steel Grating
Galvanized Grating adalah suatu panel yang terbuat dari material plat dan besi puntir yang banyak digunakan berbagai proyek untuk penutup saluran air, catwalk, anak tangga....
Aluminium Foil ZELLTECH
Zelltech is an insulation technology for save energy, heat reduction, and increase productivity.
Galvalume Roof
Galvalume Roof is a modern material product for roof ( factory, warehouse, etc) .
Kawat Galvanis
It is suitable for many kind application, such as various project, industries, home, etc.
Aksesories BRC
We supply BRC aksesories such Bolt and Nut, Knop, and U-Clip with noncompetitive price. The products are Bolt-Nut M8x100 mm HD or EP / Knop 1.5 " and 2 " / U-Clip.
Tiang Lampu Jalan
We also supply post/ pole for road lighting with hot dip galvanized finishing. We have many model such as round or octagonal pipe with 7 m, 9 m, or 12 m high / single, double....
Razor Wire / Kawat Duri Silet
Suitable for factory/ office/ etc security fence. It' s made from galvanized steel.
Pagar BRC Hot Dip Galvanized
BRC Fence is made from gavanized steel that free maintenance and easy to install. The design is very simple. It can used for your house, warehouse, farm, pool, etc.
This mesh has many application such as: fence, partition, racking, etc.
Aviable in dia.2.8 mm and 3.5 mm with spacing 50x50 mm. It' s made from galvanized material
Wiremesh for concrete strengthen, made from U50 steel. It is welded by automatic machine that have good pretition.
Kawat Duri ( Barbed Wire)
This Barbed Wire is suitable for project fencing, warehouse fencing, etc. Aviable in 2 finishing: light galvanized and hot dip galvanized
Pintu BRC
We provide the BRC Fence - Gate that can use for your house, warehouse, farm, swimmingpool, sport arena, etc. Its made from galvanized steel and with simple also wonderful design.....
Kawat Harmonika
It is aviable in many type/ dimension. Suitable for many project/ industry/ home uses, such as: as fence, partition, etc.
Pipa Galvanis / Pipa Hitam
Aviable in many type and size ( dia./ thickness/ SNI/ Non SNI) . Aplication for many project, houses, etc.
Kawat Beronjong / gabion Box
Available in 2 size:
1. 2x1x0, 5m
2. 2x1x1m
Pagar BRC ( Electroplating Galvaniszed)
BRC Electroplating Fencing is Electroplating/ UCP Galvanized Fencing that easy to install. It is free maintenace for long time and has low price.
It so suitable for your office, ....
Galvanized fence unt.Tower BTS
We also supply galvanized fence for BTS project, such as: BTS XL, Indosat, Siemen, Smart, Esia, Telkomsel, NTS, etc.
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